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Two weeks in Mallorca was exactly what I needed: peace and quiet, good food, stunning views, clear blue water and an endless amount of various beaches. The perfect setting to unwind, relax and enjoy a well-deserved holiday!
I had heard a lot of stories about Mallorca that I wanted to explore the island myself. So we packed our bags and took a flight to the Spanish island. We drove around in our Fiat 500 and the car became our new best friend.
There are so many great places we have visited, but before this post turns into a never-ending one, I will give you some highlights and recommendations in case you are traveling to Mallorca soon.

Agroturismo Hotel Son Viscos
Our ultimate hotel! We had actually booked two hotels for our stay and started off here. The other hotel was so dreadful, we decided to go back to Son Viscos to end our stay and we were welcomed back with open arms. Only at the beginning of this year, Michael and Maria opened this cute hotel in Valldemossa. The owners are the kindest people ever! They have lived here for 15 years, so they can tell you everything about the island. As Michael has been in the furniture business all his life, the house is very well decorated. (Really, I wanted to take everything home with me!) The rooms are spacious and the breakfast is to die for!

son viscos

Cala Deia & lunch on the cliff
This was our very first place to go and immediately was one of our favorites. You have to walk down a bit to get to the rocky beach. Make sure to make a reservation for the restaurant or be on time. You won’t want to miss this view:


Cala Falco
Gorgeous sandy beach (below Magaluf) with a place in the shade for lunch: Cap Falco. If you want, you can reserve sunbeds here as well.

Deia – restaurant Xelini
This great tapas restaurant is located in the centre of popular Deia, make sure to make a reservation for the outside terrace. The town is known to host many celebrities like Bruce Springsteen and Michael Douglas. There is a great bar called Sa Fonda who play live music. And if you’re lucky, you just might bump into a celebrity or even see one of the rockstars grab their guitar!


Cala Llamp – Gran Folies beach club
Great place to get yourself a sunbed and enjoy the surroundings. And an even better place to dive off the rocks!
Once you arrive, reserve a spot for lunch straight away as it is always very busy.


Sa Foradada Peninsula
This might have been one of my favorite days. The peninsula is located on the northwestern coast, between Valldemossa and Deia. It is a bit of a climb to get down to restaurant Sa Foradada, but trust me when I say it is all worth it! Make sure to follow the signs…

And don’t forget to stop every once in a while to soak up the spectacular view.

The restaurant is known for it’s great paella and boy, did we enjoy that!


Cala Pi
Gorgeous gorgeous sandy beach. As you need to walk down a bit, it is not so crowded, so you’ve got space enough to choose where to lay your beach towel.


Quina Creu – Palma de Mallorca
A great, fun and young crowd all hang out here during the weekend for gin & tonics and delicious tapas!


P1040523 P1040525

Interior and fashion store run by Maria and her son Jonathan, from hotel Son Viscos. I highly recommend stopping by this shop in Palma for cute dresses and tops and to look around the great closets, tables and chairs imported from all over the world.
C/ Espartero, 6 Palma de Mallorca


Santa Catalina
It is almost as if you’re wondering around Le Marais in Paris. This neighborhood is full of wonderful shops and cute places to have lunch or dinner. We had dinner at Patron Lunares¬†which was really great. Reserve a table for inside as you want to look around at the interior of this place. Share a couple starters and then dive into the delicious meat dishes they have. P had an incredible burger, I was a bit jealous of his choice I have to say…


P1040606 P1040607

There are still so many places that we haven’t seen as there is so much to do on this island. All I can say is: just grab your car, drive into the unknown and stop wherever and whenever to enjoy the spectacular views!

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