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Of all the times I have been to London, I truly cannot believe I had never visited Borough Market before. This might just be my new favourite place.
If you are planning on visiting London any time soon, you really cannot miss out.
Borough Market is a food market like no other. Stall after stall sells their amazing goodies and it really is hard to choose what you want to get.





The market is packed with people, everyone is in chill mode which makes the vibe very laid-back.
Our tactic was to do a full round of the market to see what was there and then make a decision what to get. Of course I opted to share everything, so we could try more!

First round was confit duck. We went for the soft white bun and it was jam-packed with perfectly cooked duck, a bit of salad and a delicious sweet sauce.
O goodness, this was a very good first choice.



We walked pass some prosecco spritzers and I just couldn’t resist.


Then we went for a sweet ‘n spicy gamba wrap.



On to a really good German stall where they sold bratwurst. We went for the full package with mustard, spicy curry sauce and sauerkraut.



Please take me back!
We finished off with a really good, really big chocolate chip cookie from this cute stall



The hustle and bustle of the market is just so great, I could easily spend a day there.




From now on, a trip to Borough Market will always be on my list when in London!

Borough Market | 8 Soutwark Street, London


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I. Love. Burgers. There, I said it.
There’s nothing like a good old-fashioned burger with really good meat, preferably some cheese, tomatoes, lettuce, onion, pickles all wrapped up in a good bun. So whenever I bump into a burger place, it just simply draws me in.


And of course Valencia had a burger place, it’s called ONION Burgerstudio.


The menu has all sorts of burgers, from meat to fish to vegetarian. If you are a meat lover and you’re feeling a bit exotic, you can even try the zebra or antilope burger. I went for the traditional burger, where P ordered the Wagyu beef burger. Now check this out:


Now tell me that doesn’t look good. Ok, I’ll give you a close-up


The burger was piled high with juicy beef, molten cheese, crispy bacon, tomatoes and of course onion.
P was too hungry to wait for me to take good pictures of his burger, so this is what I got.


All I can say is that it was finger-licking good and gone before we knew it!

ONION Burgerstudio | C\ Ciscar Nº 20, 46005 Valencia

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I need to make a confession. We went to the same lunch place 4 days in a row.
I know, shame on me, but to be fair: La Mas Bonita is just a really great place.


Its chilled out, laid back atmosphere is exactly what we were looking for on our beach days.


With a healthy menu full of delicious sandwiches, salads and juices, it was my kind of place.


We went for the couscous salad with vegetables, dates & a tzatziki salsa and a classic caesar salad.
And a red and green smoothie with funky straws for a vitamin boost!
La Mas Bonita is not exactly right on the city’s beach, but a little bit further out. It’s about a 15 minute bike ride along the beach. The trip really isn’t so far out and it’s good to work up an appetite, right?
And with views with endless palm tress, who could complain?!


La Mas Bonita | Paseo Maritimo de la Patacona 11, Alboraya – Valencia

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Those who follow SUITS and SHOTS on Instagram will know that I was in Valencia two weeks ago. I went there for a long overdue vacation and it was everything I wanted: a great city, gorgeous beach, lots of bars and restaurants and wonderful people.
Valencia is the third city of Spain and is just a little less touristic than Madrid and Barcelona and it’s the city where paella found it’s origin. Hence the fact you can eat paella on pretty much every corner of the street.

But I am wandering off… What I want to tell you is that one of Valencia’s main sights is the Ciudad de las Artes y Ciencias, otherwise known as the City of Arts and Sciences. On a beautiful sunny day, P and I checked out the parameters. I can tell you, it’s impressive.



But let me start from the beginning. After having breakfast around the corner of our hotel, Hospes Palau de La Mar, we went for a stroll in the Jardin del Turia. This park used to be a river streaming through the city, but they started constructing it in 1957 by drying up the river.



It is now a gorgeous park with lots of different trees and plants and where people run, cycle and stroll. We walked through and ended up at the Ciudad and decided to buy a ticket for the museum. It was fun to wander around, but to be very honest, it wasn’t really worth it. But we had fun nonetheless.


Now, another cool thing is that during summer nights there is a fantastic club called L’Umbracle, right here at the Ciudad.
It’s a fabulous open air club and is definitely worth a visit.

IMG_7638 IMG_7665

Dress up and get ready to drink some huge Gin & Tonics.


Stay tuned for more Valencia highlights…

Ciudad de Las Artes y Ciencias |

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I have a new favourite cafe just around the corner of where I live: Cafe Par Hasard, also known as Frites uit Zuyd.
Par Hasard is the restaurant part and Frites uit Zuyd is the take-away part.


It was a nice summer day and Par Hasard has a cute little terrace. As the restaurant doesn’t take reservations, we waited inside for about 5 minutes for a table outside.
We ordered a glass of wine and checked out the interior.



The first time me and P had dinner here, we sat next to a family we actually knew. They told us all about the menu before we even had a chance to check it out, telling us what the best things were to order. Par Hasard was obviously a new favourite of theirs as well… But boy, were they right. We started off with a “Borrelplateau” which means you get a bit of everything. It was all delicious, but one was a winner: the marinated chicken thighs. Man, those are good!
So, second time round, we started off with just the chicken. (Sorry for not having a picture, but it doesn’t photograph so well…)
P had free-range poultry in a mustard crust and I went for a typical Belgian meat pot.


Every dish comes with their infamous fries and homemade mayonaise! The fries are made by Frites uit Zuyd, fresh, home-made and super delicious!
Par Hasard is a fairly new place, with a great host and a chef from Okura. So definitely worth a visit.

The Ceintuurbaan is looking up these days, with SLA and Bilder & de Clercq, who knows what will be next?!

Par Hasard / Frites uit Zuyd | Ceintuurbaan 113-115 Amsterdam

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I stumbled upon a new place and I have gone to cookie heaven. This post actually needs a warning sign, as you might become highly addicted when you enter the shop. It’s called Van Stapele, a wonderful hidden gem that sells the most amazing cookies I have ever tasted.


Owner Vera has come up with a secret recipe for a chocolate cookie that is made out of the best ingredients she could find. (Think luscious Valhrona chocolate…) When you enter the shop you are welcomed by the smell of freshly baked cookies.



Honestly, it’s the perfect cookie. It’s crunchy on the outside and when you have your first bite, you know there’s never going to be another cookie that tastes as good as this. It’s best to get them straight out of the oven, as the centre of the cookie is a warm melting white chocolate.



O gosh, I wish I could eat the screen right now, don’t you?
Van Stapele also gift-wraps the cookies and it is truly a great gift for anyone.


Best thing to do is to buy a bunch of cookies, head over to friends to share your treats with. The cookies will be gone before you know it, with your friends licking out the crumbs in the package… They will be eternally grateful you stopped by, promise you that!

Van Stapele Koekmakerij
 | Heisteeg 4 Amsterdam

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Great news: Spaghetteria recently opened a new venue in West!
The place is known for their laid-back atmosphere where you can just pop in for a quick and very delicious pasta. (for a very good price as well!)

Spaghetteria serves fresh, homemade pasta with a love for the Italian cuisine and traditions.
The menu consists of three pasta classics and three other pastas that change on a daily basis.


And promise me to finish your dinner-date as an Italian would with the tiramisu, an espresso and limoncello for dessert. YUM!


Good news for our gluten-free buddies as well: there are gluten-free pastas as well!

Spaghetteria | Jan Hanzenstraat 32 Amsterdam-West | Van Woustraat 123 Amsterdam-Zuid

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Tucked down in a quiet little alley just off of Ferdinand Bolstraat, we found heaven. Right there at Bakers & Roasters.

This hidden gem, which opened almost a year ago, only recently showed up on our radar (shame on us..)!


But it is on our radar now, and it’s here to stay. Boy, what a nice addition to our shortlist of favourite spots in Amsterdam it is.

Bakers & Roasters has influences from both Brazil and New Zealand and it’s literally packed during the weekends with expats, locals and tourists – you might even have to stand in line for a little while, but don’t let that scare you off; it’s definitely worth the wait.

DSC_0328 DSC_0334 DSC_0318

We kicked off our Saturday morning here with fresh fruit juices (I chose the passion fruit juice (which instantly took me back to my holiday in Sri Lanka) and Nicoline got herself a green juice.

We then decided to go for a sweet & savoury breakfast in one:

Eggs Mexican style (huevos rancheros)


and a stack of blueberry pancakes


On our way out, we drooled over this fine selection of sweets on the counter.


Bakers & Roasters is open from early morning untill 4pm, so perfect for breakfast, lunch or afternoon coffee & treats.

Even though it’s always very crowded, and people are dying to catch your table, don’t let that rush you and take your time to enjoy all the goods here.


Bakers & Roasters. Eerste Jacob van Campenstraat 54.



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The neighbourhood I live in was in desperate need of something new. The few places worth visiting I’ve just been to too many times, and we all need something refreshing every now and then. Well, I’ve found my new place-to-be: Brewery Troost.


Located at Cornelis Troostplein, Troost offers awesome beers which they brew in-house! In big tanks in the back, 3 types are being brewed: Blond, Weizen or I.P.A. and you can watch while they are being served straight from there. I tried and tested the Blond one, which was very tasteful, slightly bitter and definitely worth a try.


And since beer goes very well with burgers, make sure to try one of their many choices.


This was a lentil burger: gone before I knew it, that good (or was it me being simply too slow in grabbing my camera…?).

Troost is the perfect spot for a weekend lunch, a cozy dinner or just to grab a beer. Or two!


Brewery Troost. Cornelis Troostplein 23, Amsterdam.

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A while ago we told you about the all healthy salad bar SLA. Well, there’s a new kid in town: Venkel.


Located at the Albert Cuypstraat, this cute little venue offers delicious salads and shakes. Venkel loves organic products, and almost everything comes from farmers or local retailers.




The salads all have great names like Pomtidupdoe or, my personal favourite, Lentil Love (Linzenliefde), full of Le Puy lentils, goat cheese, spinach, dates and almond.



You can also mix ‘n match your own salad for take away or eat in and enjoy the lovely interior.

Don’t forget to bring home some free range eggs!


Venkel. Albert Cuypstraat 22, Amsterdam.

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