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We’ve got a Marks & Spencers!!
I was so excited when I found out they were opening a store, it brought me straight back down memory lane from my time in England.
I was really hoping it would be the same, and it was. Don’t know how they do it, but when I stepped into the store, it even smelled like Marks & Spencers does. They must have a spray for this, I’m sure of it..

Anyways, they have all the great goods.


Easy take aways


Lovely teas


And yummie cookies!


I have to say though, that I missed the ‘freshly-made department’. Especially flapjacks and the chewy white chocolate chip cookies, those were my favorites. They did have flapjack cookies and I have to say they are a good substitute!

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I remember the time when I had friends coming over for dinner. I was going for a ‘beer and pizza’ kind of night and in the interest of time I served them instant ones. The end result was three blackened and burned Margherita’s and many, I repeat, many jokes about my so-called cooking skills…

This brings me back to the moment when, after having lots and lots of fancy dinners at my friend’s place, it was my turn to show off. I went for the safe choice: burritos. When I had everything set to be served, I found out I forgot to buy the core ingredient: meat. Trust me, burritos with nothing more than lettuce and hot sauce just doesn’t do it.


By now I know to stick to what I’m good at. I am therefore the biggest fan of the most simple recipes. If it has less than five ingredients and a prep time of under 15 minutes, you can be damn sure it’s got my attention.

Hence this very simple recipe my friend J. taught me, which is just impossible to fail.


All it takes is:

1. Greek yoghurt

2. Sweet chili sauce

3. Fresh mint

4. Black pepper

P1020847 P1020849

P1020851 P1020859

Throw everything into a bowl. Get some stirring action and you’ll end up with a surprisingly tasteful dip sauce!


Very good with either carrots, cucumber or tomatoes. And even better with cheese flavoured nacho’s!


Don’t worry about any upcoming recipes: Nicoline is an excellent cook and she will either do all the hard work or watch my every move!

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Let me introduce you to TOMS (if you don’t already know them that is..) TOMS is a great company with an even better business model. With every pair you purchase, TOMS will give a pair of new shoes to a child in need. One For One.
And yesterday was One Day Without Shoes. A day organised by TOMS & Ganbaroo PR PR to create global awareness to children’s health and education by walking without shoes around the Jordan area in Amsterdam.

preparations Amsterdam (3) @Ganbaroo HQ © Chloe Chante Photography

I was kindly invited to walk along for this good cause!
The afternoon started with 2 ladies painting our feet to make them look a bit more appealing. 😉

foot painting by the girls from NachtKristal (2)_Amsterdam @Ganbaroo HQ foot painting by the girls from NachtKristal (3)_Amsterdam @Ganbaroo HQ

When everyone was gathered, we went for a little stroll in the area…

Celebrate ODWS @ Amsterdam Canals

Along the way, a lot of people asked what we were doing and why we were doing it. So, I guess it’s safe to say that we achieved our day’s goal: people were talking about the cause!
When we got back we were welcomed with champagne and cupcakes from Cupcake Heaven.


ODWS cupcakes by CupCake Heaven Amsterdam_Amsterdam @Ganbaroo HQ

It was a great afternoon, couldn’t have spent it any better.
And needless to say that I didn’t want to wash the beautiful painting off my feet when I got home.


(Photo credits: myself and Chloe Chante Photography)

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There is a new kid in town. Meet Hotel V Nesplein, Amsterdam’s newest addition to the fast growing hotel-hotlist. With big bro at a safe distance, Hotel V offers a striking and serene hangout at the very heart of the city centre.


Not a tourist? No worries, the hotel also has a sublime restaurant, The Lobby.

P1020715 P1020706

I went there. For brunch. Yes, I admit it: I am a brunch person. I love to have brunch. My idea of a perfect world is one where I could have brunch for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

And The Lobby passed the test, big time. It’s worthwhile visiting even just for a cup of coffee. It has a warm and industrial interior, friendly staff and splendid food!

P1020711 P1020713


Like these scrambled eggs with salmon. Or the raw beef sausage sandwich with piccalilli.

P1020725 P1020723

I even got to unwrap a belated birthday gift my friend brought. Soon I will know what French women know (actually, I already know half of what they know, since I inherited some French roots from my Mom).


If you are not yet infected with the brunch virus like I am, the restaurant also serves a fine dinner, and even has a cosy fireplace where you can settle with friends, or a book.


Don’t forget to check out the impressive chandelier at the entrance!


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It’s the beginning of april and spring should’ve sprung by now, but it has keeping us waiting here in Amsterdam. But, this weekend is going to be sunny! So, in order to be prepared for the first warm spring days, here’s a couple things you need when you’re sipping on cold drinks on a terrace.


Persol shades


Some good sunscreen, you don’t want to get a sunburn on day 1. We love this one by Biotherm, it’s like summer in a bottle.


Pick a fun color for your nails to brighten up your day even more. OPI has a huge range in cool colors.

celine shirt

The must-have T! It’s available online and in-store at LouLouFashion.

ripped jeans 0163352002_2_100011 (1)

A pair of ripped jeans to let a slight breeze through. These are from Zara. Or if you really want to go dutch, you can wear these shorts from & other stories instead…

vans panter

These panther Vans will make your wild-side come out to play..

We can’t wait for the weekend to come, only 3 days left!

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Something old, something new…

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Some things in life are so cute, you just want to eat it. Or eat with it. Like these astonishing spoons and forks from For Such a Time. Owner Aly Nickerson is all about giving antiques a second life. She stumbled upon an old metal stamping set in one of her favourite antique shops, which triggered her into designing the most adorable gifts ever.


Each piece is vintage, and personally picked and hand-stamped by Aly.
You can find some of the best engagement and wedding gifts here, like these ‘his-and-her’ forks.


Or you can just treat yourself to a nice compliment. My absolute favourite (given that mornings can be tough enough on their own):

il_570xN.414640627_1jeh; also available on Etsy.

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